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Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis for 2024

As we embrace 2024, the influence of interest rates on buyer decisions and their outlook in the Toronto real estate market is undeniably positive. While current rates play a role, the more profound effect stems from buyer's optimism about future market trends. Informed and strategic buyers, supported by a network of skilled mortgage brokers and agents, are keenly looking forward to the next six to eight months. Their approach focuses on strategically entering the market at an opportune moment, ideally before rates potentially decrease, which is expected to invigorate competition and enhance property values.

Freehold Preconstruction projects are beginning to showcase the promising future of the real estate market, with increasing interest and efforts to secure contracts. Our analysis indicates that 2024 will be a remarkable year for preconstruction projects in the GTA, as buyers are proactively considering future markets and investing in preconstruction with enthusiasm.


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